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Underground Phenoms Basketball Training

Underground Phenoms Basketball Training combines learning the fundamentals of the game of basketball and leadership study. Every child makes a team and has the opportunity to play the game they love. Practices are concluded with a leadership study and mentor time.  


CCYF kids mentoring program exists to empower, uplift and impact the community in every walk of life by providing community enrichment and outreach programs, youth education initiatives, and performing arts programs to students with a focus in Richmond VA and surrounding counties.


Underground Phenoms  

AAU/Exposure Basketball

Richmond's premier basketball training program that provides everything a player needs to succeed at any level.  Bringing together the "Best of Basketball", we provide exposure basketball teams, AAU basketball teams, professional basketball training, basketball leagues, and basketball tournaments. Underground Phenoms is the most complete youth basketball organization in Richmond! Skill development, fundamentals, and spiritual growth make up our foundation here at Underground Phenoms.



CCYF sponsors summer camps and clinics for all ages. Basketball skill camps and clinics are our focus providing a wide range of events for kids year round. Camps are designed to support local recreation centers and churches in the Richmond VA area. CCYF will design and bring one of its specialty camps to you.  



CCYF provides tutoring to help kids stay ahead of the game in the classroom. We provide online tutoring in elementary, middle, and high school subjects. Each student is set up with their own curriculm in the subject they need the most work. A tutor works with them one on one to help them excel in the classroom. 


The CCYF summer jobs program assist youth in preparing for the workforce. We teach kids how to write a resume, fill out a job application, interview, and dress for an interview. CCYF also will help each kid who wants to work acquire a summer job. 

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